Live With Elektric

Live With Elektric

The first time I ever worked with Elektric was at her Not Another Love Song EP Launch in the summer of 2014. 3 years ago and we still remember it as one of the most memorable nights in the Birmingham scene.

The growth from then to now…wow.” Elektric began to reminisce, although not as receptive to the memories of 2014 as me, we sat down in the heart of Digbeth at the Switch Radio Studios for what is the third interview we’ve shared. “When I watch that footage back… we all have to start from somewhere” laughingly, both cool yet bursting with energy. 

Melody Warrior

The self-proclaimed Melody Warrior, has a sound that has mirrored her evolution as an individual soul, a being, which we’ve seen develop over the past few years. Whilst strong and definitive, it’s extremely difficult to label. That is not to take anything away from her Live With Elektric Show that took place earlier this year, her first Birmingham Headline Show, held at Fredricks Bar.

Now that I’ve grapsed the songwriting, I play with the band a lot more, working with my guitarist, Michael Bennett, etc etc, my sound has evolved“, addressing the typical genre query. “It’s still hip-hop stylised and influenced. I feel how I approach it is the same, but it’s a lot more soul orientated, like an r&B acoustic indie sound. It’s a fusion. /// My upcoming EP is different to the album I’ve been working on, but when the album comes, it will marry, and all these sounds will fit into one sound, it will make sense.”

“Ticking boxes is difficult, I don’t fit into one. It’s all about feeling.”


Despite the inability to point an exact finger on the sound genre, no anticipation should be diminished regarding her two upcoming projects, a mixtape entitled, Guilty of Procrastination, and an EP, Synergies & Cycles.

Q – Over time, it seems your musical content as become a lot more positive, almost spiritual. Was that a conscious decision, or did it happen organically? 

“It’s organic, it’s something I’m going through. I do consider myself to be a positive artist. I try to inspire and encourage. It’s because of what I’ve been going through, personally, and coming out of my deep resting places, looking at life in a different perspective.”

“As artists, we’re protective of our work, we don’t always want to express the real, nitty gritty things.”

“It’s real to me. If I see something in a certain way, if I want to encourage it, it will work. But at the same time, I’m only human, I’m not always this positive person, there are times I need it to be given to me by others.” Hence, the EP title, Synergies & Cycles, coming into place for this talented young artist. It’s all about balance, and balance has been a key element of her work thus far in 2017, the year beginning with 2 single releases, The Brighter Side and Melody Warrior, both contrastingly different.

Brighter Side –  With that…I usually work in stages, I needed it for it to be born. It’s going on the upcoming mixtape. It’s about knowing there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I was angry at the time and it was dark, but it helped. I can speak through my music. It was a new year, the new year starts in spring for me, so my new music is coming now, it’s very light. One door shuts, another opens.” 

What’s Next?

Enter Synergies & Cycles. A 5-track EP bursting with light-hearted, positive vibes. In her own words, she describes this upcoming project as one which looks at life from a positive perspective. The light and balance need to encourage and inspire. Collaborations with producer Mellow Deep and artist Christian Deveaux make this a special one, and one we can’t wait for.

Friday 28th April saw Elektric and a live band performance. Being her first official headline show, great energy, a buzzing environment, and a light yet impactful performance all contributed to its success.

The Live With Elektric performance was everything, I took everything I learned from all my performances, my whole journey, for this one

“For me, it was the perfect time for it. With the transition to all the work that’s coming, from me going on a European tour with Broken beat Collective to new projects, acting and more. To have it now, what was my last show in Birmingham for a while, it was the right time. 100%.”

Q – What’s the goal?

“Well, I’m ready. The ultimate goal is to become an artist that is worldwide. I wanna’ perform everywhere, I wanna travel and I want my music to travel with me. I’m ready.”